Thinking Green

Is seems green energy and sustainability are the construction buzz words, people look for green credentials more and more. Councils ask in tenders for the best environmentally friendly package, carbon emissions are constantly challenged to be reduced and BRE are showing off the sustainable housing solutions of the future at Innovation Park in Watford.

At Lightwater Quarries and Concrete4U we take sustainability very seriously, the preservation of the local environment and the business have always been important and those philosophies are ingrained into the ethos of the company and the local community with whom we have worked very closely to improve the area and minimise the impact of a Quarry.

Highacre Builders, a sister company, have also been a large part of that and when they built the newest development and village hall in North Stainley the community was kept informed, got involved and now enjoy the benefits of the sustainably built homes, town hall and the investments made in Lavender Lane, at the request of the community.

Lightwater Quarries and Concrete4U work across North Yorkshire and aim to do so in a way that minimises our impact on the environment. We have several on-going initiatives from solar panels to planting trees while monitoring veteran trees. We are very proud of those projects.

While many people will be aware that for our industry we are the exception, not the rule, in sustainable development the above is just the tip of the iceberg on our journey to being the best in the UK. The way we run the business is a huge part of our sustainability drive, the fleet is shipped and routes are planned based on the most fuel efficient solution furthermore the service offering the concrete business prides itself with, not only sets us apart for the high level of customer service we can provide, but the multi-drop system allows for less miles travelled which again helps reduce our emissions.  If all that is not enough for the sustainability and green enthusiasts we also have a badger set, sand martin habitat and the restoration of the quarry in areas we have completed is restored to limestone grassland providing the ideal habitat for many rare insects and plants.

Lightwater Quarries and Concrete4U work very hard to pull away from the public perception of quarrying as it is normally fraught with negatives. We want to show how a business of this nature can give back to the environment. We aim to go above and beyond in our environmental responsibilities and hope we can demonstrate that to our customers and within the communities we live and work.