The Tour De Yorkshire

We are very excited at Concrete4u because the Tour De France is coming to visit our Quarry.

The Tour De France or rather The Tour De Yorkshire is coming past Potgate Quarry on Saturday the 5th of July.

We are expecting a few logistical issues around the event with road closures and a lot of work to improve the quality of the route, however our volumetric mixers and minimix drum will be operating as close to normally as possible!

We will be keeping our regular customers and any DIY aficionados supplied with concrete and stone without any anticipated disruption, as while we are thrilled to see The Tour De Yorkshire passing by our gates we know that service to our customers is of paramount importance.

If you need some Readymixed Concrete to spruce up your driveways or patios before the local roads are lined with eager cycling enthusiasts give us a call! Let us know if you will be watching as we are anticipating a fantastic display of athleticism and an opportunity to show Yorkshire at its best.