Through the long standing provision of goods and services to a broad range of infrastructure and development projects, Lightwater have built the technical expertise, the fleet and the experience to meet client needs right across the construction sector.
The diverse fleet of vehicles at Lightwater enables us to support our clients by offering a range of delivery options, allowing product to be placed exactly when and where it is required.
Working with our client on a property development project at Pickhill utilised our Six-Wheelers, which were ideal for placing bulk Type 1 aggregate exactly where it was needed, despite restrictive access to site.
This service, carried out routinely by our experienced team of drivers, and backed by our technical team, supported our clients with cost and time effective solutions to challenging planning conditions and access restrictions.
Lightwater are proud to supply construction materials and services to support projects at the heart of our communities, and we provide the same high level of customer care and attention to detail to all projects with which we are involved, with the resources to fully understand our customer requirements and adapt to their needs.

Recent Projects