Pipe bedding Northallerton

There are various sizes of pipe bedding available on the market in both a limestone and gravel. As North Yorkshire is both Limestone and Gravel rich we can offer our customers a choice of both materials however we do predominantly quarry limestone from our quarry closest to HNorthallerton.
The size of the pipe bedding required on site is often dictated by the specification for the job and the size of the pipe being fitted. At Lightwater Quarries we are able to offer our customers a range of washed clean limestone suitable for pipe bedding to include 6mm limestone, 10mm limestone, 20mm limestone and 20/4mm limestone. We are also able to supply 10 and 20mm gravel if gravel is our customers preference.
Quarrying close to Northallerton from our base in North Stainley near Ripon means we are able to offer excellent service as we supply a locally sourced product from a family owned independent company. Service and quality are the highest of priorities for us here at Lightwater Quarries


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