MOT Type 1 Stone Harrogate

MOT type 1 is used under all roadways across the UK. MOT type 1 is stone graded to a pre-designed Ministry Of Transport specification to ensure it has the suitable qualities required to make safe and long lasting transportation network across the county.
The aggregates is crushed and graded from a 40mm stone down to dust in a specified blend. MOT Type 1 is usually made with a limestone in the Harrogate area as Limestone is the most suitable locally quarried material in North Yorkshire.
Lightwater Quarries produces MOT Type 1 stone from our limestone quarry in Masham in North Yorkshire and it is used extensively due to the frost resistance of the material combined with its easy compaction in both major and minor schemes throughout the area.
With our own fleet of Lorries both 4 and 8 wheelers we are able to offer excellent service as our drivers have excelled knowledge of the local area and as we as a family run business we really do understand how important service and quality are!


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