Land Drainage Harrogate

Land drainage is extremely important, especially in the UK where we get our fair share of rain! If you’re looking for land drainage Harrogate, you’re in the right place.

Aggregates for land drainage are normally in high demand during the spring and summer months in Harrogate. So here at Lightwater Quarries, we keep a good stock of 40mm clean limestone.

Traditionally 40mm washed limestone is used for land drainage due to the void content. Land drainage aggregate must be a clean, washed product as specified; due to the heavy investment in a washing plant, Lightwater Quarries can guarantee a superior quality product.

We have supplied a large number of land drainage contracts in the Harrogate area. As a local supplier as we can get the material to our customers quickly and easily due to our fleet of trucks and quarries close proximity to Harrogate.

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