Gabion Stone

Customers are advised to come and see the stockpile of Gabion stone before we supply. Please contact us at our North Yorkshire Quarry.

Gabion stone is 200mm in size down to 75mm and is used for a variety of purposes from baskets of stone for retaining walls to decorative applications bordering flowerbeds and as part of a rockery.

Gabion stone for retaining walls or gabion baskets needs to be quite specific in size as it needs to stay in place in the mesh with no stone coming loose or falling free. The baskets are normally filled by hand to ensure exposed faces of the basket look pleasing to the eye. Smaller pieces can be used up in the centre of the basket so no product is wasted. Gabion Stone for decorative purposes, however, can be less consistent, our customers preferring a variety in sizes to make their gardens look natural and beautiful.

We can deliver Gabion stone on our fleet of wagons carrying anything from 1 to 20 tonnes and on request we can deliver in 30t loads. Alternatively, customers who want to use our gabion stone as a decorative material can come and pick it from the quarry as with a little bit of notice we can cordon off a safe area and give them the time they need to select the material which works best for them.


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