Fill Sand Northallerton

If you’re looking for fill sand we are trusted suppliers of fill sand to Northallerton and the surrounding areas.

Predominantly used as a back fill material, fill sand is an excellent product because it can be compacted.  It is regularly used to back fill trenches or placed down and compacted on land where concrete will be poured. The sand compacts into a solid mass as it is made up of very fine particles.

Fill sand can also be used for filling areas as a base layer for processed soil to go on top of, this would not be as compacted fill sand but as processed soils are costly it can add a bit of depth to the soil is applied loosely and a good quality soil is used.

Here at Lightwater Quarries, we have a fleet of vehicles and network of local hauliers who are familiar with the area, so we can supply fill sand to the Northallerton are quickly and easily.

Our fill sand is locally produced from limestone fines and is excellent quality as fill sand is more commonly a waste product in our case it is screened to ensure that the quality is still exemplary to ensure our Northallerton customers always get the very best and guaranteeing the material will be fit for purpose.

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