Farm Road Materials in North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire has a large agricultural community and as such there is a large demand for our limestone to improve and develop farm roads.

Traditionally, farmers use 40mm clean limestone as it is durable and long lasting and allows any water to drain through without damaging the surface of the road or track. 75mm clean and 20mm clean clan also be used although we tend to recommend our customers go with either 40mm or 75mm clean as 20mm clean can be a both small as while perfect for a domestic driveway and car tyres it is a bit small for heavy duty agricultural vehicles such as tractors…it has a tendency to wander off in the tyre treads and therefore needs replacing more often.

If you are building or reinstating a farm road in North Yorkshire then we at Lightwater Quarries would be delighted to provide a quotation for supply of our material and if you want to come and have a look at the quarry we welcome visitors so they can see first-hand the quality of our stone.