English Heritage – Strategic Stone Study

Gebdykes Quarry near Masham, North Yorkshire is listed on the EHSSS as a suitable source of ‘Lower Magnesium Limestone’ which could be used to restore several of the local areas historic buildings and towns including the Church of St Nicholas in West Tanfield, Markington Hall and the village of Markington, Masham Village and Howe Hill Tower near Ripon.

It is great for us at Lightwater to know that some of the local historic buildings can be maintained and cared for using material we can supply, knowing that it will ensure the buildings weather and age in the right way so that it always looks in keeping with the original structure and landscape.

You can check out the English Heritage website and database on the link. http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/professional/research/buildings/building-materials/strategic-stone-study/

‘In conservation work, it is vital to obtain stone which matches the original in its mineral composition, density and porosity. If not, the new stone could hasten the decay of the original and is unlikely to weather in the same way, therefore looking very different.  As most of the original quarries have closed and detailed information on the different types of stone used is difficult to find it can be extremely challenging to find suitable alternatives. The Strategic Stone Study aims to address these problems. English Heritage is working with the British Geological Survey, Minerals UK, local geologists and historic buildings experts from each county in England to identify the most important building stones used, representative buildings and historic quarries. ‘

Quoted from the English Heritage website