Clean Stone York

North Yorkshire is rich in both Limestone and Gravel and Lightwater Quarries is a locally based company able to offer locally sourced clean stone for both larger contracts and domestic projects.

Clean Stone supplied from Lightwater Quarries is guaranteed to fit in to any York  based project as it is locally produced so part of the natural environment and in keeping with the stone used for many of the areas historic buildings.

Our stone is washed at the quarry and supplied to the highest quality to ensure we meet our customers needs and supply them with the material they want.

As a company local to York it is important to us that we preserve the natural environment. Our customers can rest assured that we quarry in a sustainable way and operate as an environmentally friendly company boasting a badger habitat and having planted 250,000 trees in and around the quarry and estate we own.


Lightwater Quarries Ltd
North Stainley,
North Yorkshire

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